Why do I keep looking in the Mirror?
I hate what I see...

If your hair is thinning, we have some wonderful news.

Yes, there is now a proven medical breakthrough for thinning hair!  Treatment that turns-on your own stem cells to grow healthy new hair.

Using your own body’s natural stem cell activating factors, we make hair follicle stem cells grow new, thick, healthy, lustrous hair.

We use evidence based, scientifically proven approaches. Peach Tree’s proprietary treatment is FDA approved. Exclusively administered by Board Certified healthcare providers.

Is It Too Late?

Men and Women who are thinning, shedding, or balding, will find our advanced medical treatments very effective for growing new hair. When hair is thinning and shedding the hair follicle was sent a biological memo to turn-off.

As it is turning-off, your hair enters the thinning and shedding phase until the follicle stops making hair.

Then it enters the “Terminal” phase. It begins to shrink, shrivel, and atrophy. Eventually leading to hair follicle death.

At any point before hair follicle death, Peach Tree advanced medical treatments can revive the sick follicle and get it to grow hair again.

Dont procrastinate until you need a transplant.
Stop hiding underneath scarves, hats, wigs, and toupees.

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